Part 3:The Mror Deeps

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Things were going so well. We had found an apparently untouched ancient Dwarven hold. The scholars were very excited. We had cleared a couple of rooms. We were in a wide, main hall and were moving to the next room. Without warning, the floor dropped out from under all of us. I instinctively Leaped to a ledge 30 or forty feet away. They were all dead. And for no reason. There's absolutely no reason why the dwarves would have trapped the main hall. They would have had to use it daily. IT MAKES NO SENSE!! Dwarves just don't DO that. Sure, in treasure rooms, halls to important rooms, secret escape routes, hallways near an invasion. THERE I'd expect a trap. But not in a main hallway. Something is going on. I don't think it was the dwarves who trapped that hall.

Anyway, there I was, covered in dust, shaky, trying to catch my breath. A group of adventurers came in. They looked like treasureseekers. I don't much care, but I'm not sure how the dwarves would react. We had their permission to go in; I wonder if the other group did? Have to remember to ask.

More to the point, they came in while the echoes were still dying out. Did they have something to do with the trap?

I quickly checked for evil, most were not, but one was. But there's something odd; she shows an area of intense evil around her head, but the rest of her body is not evil. Some form of possession?

I decided to see what I could learn. I asked if they would help me retrieve the bodies. They weren't eager, but I offered to assist them if they helped me do the honorable thing and carry the bodies out and back to the dwarves, and they agreed. So, there may be some honor there. Time will tell. I was delighted to discover that one of my party members, Movena, also survived, although she was hurt. I healed her.

Movena and I continued with the group and learned their names. Codee d'Deneith is the leader of the group, the one with the puzzling trace of evil. The others seem like a pretty standard group of adventurers, but they're hiding something. I don't think they caused the floor to fall, though. We continued searching and triggered some golem traps. The group fought well and did help me with my opponents. We found some treasure and they were quick to grab the magic, although they shared the money. Of course, they all know each other and they don't know me. Greed seems strong in them. Don't they know that excessive greed leads to loss? Kol Korran may be preparing a lesson for them. Maybe they're savable. Maybe not.

We continued and found a room with a Brown Mold and some sort of trap that struck with lightning. We were able to get past that and found a concealed seal. It is a flat disk, blank on one side and on the other there is a circle with a pentagon in it. They were excited and took that up to a large, impressive door that had a receptacle that took the seal. We placed the seal against it and the door opened...

More about that later.

Something's going on here. It may have nothing to do with me and the deaths of my party. Leap d'Orien is no fool. I need to remember the drill from when I was in the military. I found a lot of spies then and I learned I was very good at ferreting out secrets. These may just be innocent adventurers seeking treasure. We'll see. For now, I'm watching...